08. master chef

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The past two weeks have been challenging as I try to structure my time and set personal goals for each day. We tend to feel a sense of accomplishment from the work we do by the end product or result. Successfully completing that work assignment makes us feel confident in our abilities. When paid work is no longer there, you have to look for other kinds of work that can give you that sense of fulfillment. This is where cooking can come in.

07. four lessons

Category: job

Job loss is difficult, not just the financial uncertainty, but the loss of the familiar routine, the community of colleagues, and the sense of purpose from work. Then include the anxieties around a global health crisis and the looming fear of a fast approaching recession… trying to figure out next steps can be overwhelming. It was for me.

06. practicing kindness

Kindness is having kind thoughts, about my situation and especially about myself. It’s easy to feel like my time is unproductive or that my value is based on whether or not I have income coming in. How much is my time worth? And if I am not getting paid, am I worth nothing?

04. food priorities

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When I started bringing lunch to work, I freed up not just my cash flow but my time and mental energy too. On top of that, I was controlling the quality of food I consumed.

01. a productive pause

This is what this blog is about – when life throws a rock-hard, not-ripe-at-all lemon at your face, what do you do? Or as I would say using different words: when life events gift you the unexpected, how can we transform a forced interruption into a productive pause?