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14. discipline to execute

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No matter what hesitation or disappointment you face throughout the day, you are building the discipline to execute. That’s not just this job, but every job. Everything you’re going to do in life and that you have done in life. You are here because you at some point in time had the discipline to execute. You applied for the job, you showed up to the interview, you did the cold call test and memorized the definitions. You did it. But you didn’t come this far to only come this far. Keep going.

13. summer

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Tomorrow will be June. Already we’ve seen two weeks of warm weather, the air conditioners have gone into their customary window slots. Restaurants and business still remain closed, their French windows and doors open to be more accessible to passerbys; some businesses have even converted storefronts to walk by bars – alcohol being the biggest […]

01. a productive pause

This is what this blog is about – when life throws a rock-hard, not-ripe-at-all lemon at your face, what do you do? Or as I would say using different words: when life events gift you the unexpected, how can we transform a forced interruption into a productive pause?