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23. self-reliance and burgers

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Grocery shopping has simplified my life. I buy the same raw materials and make a rotation of delicious foods. I get to pick and control the quality of ingredients. I get to create, consume and enjoy. I get to save time and money. I build a sense of self confidence and self reliance.

08. master chef

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The past two weeks have been challenging as I try to structure my time and set personal goals for each day. We tend to feel a sense of accomplishment from the work we do by the end product or result. Successfully completing that work assignment makes us feel confident in our abilities. When paid work is no longer there, you have to look for other kinds of work that can give you that sense of fulfillment. This is where cooking can come in.

04. food priorities

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When I started bringing lunch to work, I freed up not just my cash flow but my time and mental energy too. On top of that, I was controlling the quality of food I consumed.