Yesterday I approached the mid afternoon with a rumble in my tummy and an urgent need to quell my hunger. I had worked a full morning from my couch and had forgotten to eat a proper lunch. It was interesting to see my brain literally scrambling about on what I could do immediately to resolve this discomfort.

I wanted a burger

So I logged onto Bareburger’s website (they’re located a few blocks away) and started placing an online order for pick up. Medium rare. Extra napkins. No ketchup.

And when I got to the check out page, I paused.

$17 and that’s before I added an additional 20% tip.

$20 dollars for a burger. I had typed in my credit card information but I could not bring myself to order it.

Twenty freaking dollars. For a burger. That I would still have to wait 30 minutes or so for.

I closed the web page and put on shoes to go to the grocery store.
At the grocery store, I picked up eggs, Greek yogurt, vegetables, cheese… and because my hunger was still with me, I couldn’t resist the 2 for $7 Haagen Daz special. I spent forty dollars on groceries that would last me two weeks.

When I got home, I made myself a breakfast sandwich with three scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and some arugula, yogurt, hot sauce. It was delicious and probably only cost $2 in materials.

I effectively spent more money but I bought enough materials (ie groceries) for way more meals.

I won’t bat an eye on how much I spend at a grocery store – I always buy the same things. But I have a really hard time ordering any kind of takeout. I think it comes from growing up and eating home cooked meals often. I used to be fine going to restaurants with a friend and spending upwards of thirty to fifty dollars a meal depending on whether it was lunch time or dinner time. But now, ever since coronavirus, that habit has been broken.

Now I just use what I have and if I don’t have it (I clean out a carton of yogurt a week), I just go buy more of the usual.

Grocery shopping has simplified my life. I buy the same raw materials and make a rotation of delicious foods. I get to pick and control the quality of ingredients. I get to create, consume and enjoy. I get to save time and money. I build a sense of self confidence and self reliance.

What is something you do that builds confidence? Is there something you could change to become more self reliant?