Month: May 2020

13. summer

Category: herstoryjob

Tomorrow will be June. Already we’ve seen two weeks of warm weather, the air conditioners have gone into their customary window slots. Restaurants and business still remain closed, their French windows and doors open to be more accessible to passerbys; some businesses have even converted storefronts to walk by bars – alcohol being the biggest […]

12. do something

Category: jobmoney

I think about people I know – in debt, maybe dropped out, unemployed – in short, not living the life they want to live. Friends say they want to get a job, but one look at their diary and you see their actions don’t reinforce their wants. Friends say they want to get out of debt, or that money “stresses them out” – but sweep those problems under the rug and they don’t solve themselves. Often, problems will multiply (and with debt, it literally will get exponentially worse).

11. that was a short pause

Category: job

A productive pause is taking a moment to be still and take stock of everything you have and where you are. Productivity is not just mindless doing and on to the next, this is where the Pause comes in.

Whether employed or unemployed or somewhere along the spectrum, take a moment to look around. Do you know where you are? Do you like where you are? Is there somewhere you want to go / get to? How are you aligning your small decisions to get you there?