26. anxious

Category: job

I am feeling anxious – guilty that I haven’t written in a while, knowing the reasons are valid ones. I started a new job, a relationship came to an end, a season came to an end, and a world is learning to live in the “new normal.”

25. keep going

Category: herstory

But there are so many moments in my adult and professional life where I am gaslighted into thinking that I am wrong, that my decision making cannot be trusted. Do not let yourself be fooled – you are competent, you can trust your own decisions.

23. self-reliance and burgers

Category: foodmoney

Grocery shopping has simplified my life. I buy the same raw materials and make a rotation of delicious foods. I get to pick and control the quality of ingredients. I get to create, consume and enjoy. I get to save time and money. I build a sense of self confidence and self reliance.

22. familiar

Category: job

You don’t learn to swim by never being in the water. You have to get in and do it.

21. how to quit

Category: job

Eleven tips on how to quit a job – remember you only have ONE STORY to tell about the reason why you leave.

20. decades

Category: herstoryjob

Lately I have been thinking a lot about where I want to be in ten years time, or even by the time I am 35 (a little less than a decade).

19. opportunity cost

Category: herstoryjob

“A practical definition of opportunity cost: If you spend too much time working on good things, then you don’t have much time left to work on great things. Understanding opportunity cost means eliminating good uses of time. And that’s what makes it hard.” – James Clear

18. grasping

Imagine your home is on fire. All of your loved ones and yourself made it out – no one is injured or hurt. You have time to run back in to grab one thing – what would you retrieve?

17. time debts & time assets

Category: job

I have been thinking a lot about the idea of time debts and time assets. Is what I am doing now going to save me time in the future or cost me time in the future?